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Podere Conti

Organic Olive Leaves Powder

Organic Olive Leaves Powder

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Step into the world of well-being with Podere Conti's Organic Olive Leaf Powder. Sourced directly from the lush groves of our organic olive trees in the foothills of Lunigiana, Tuscany, this 25g food-grade and recyclable ziplock pouch provide 50 servings (recommended intake of 0.5g up to 2 times a day).

Product Description
Cultivated with care, our olive trees thrive in nutrient-rich soil, free from synthetic pesticides and chemicals. We believe in the power of organic farming to deliver a product that not only tastes better but also promotes a healthier lifestyle.

Enjoy the benefits of olive leaf in a versatile powder form. Add it to your morning smoothie, mix it into your favorite soups or recipes, or simply stir it into a hot tea. This convenience allows you to seamlessly incorporate the goodness of organic olive leaves into your daily routine.

We take pride in our commitment to sustainability. By choosing our Organic Olive Leaf Powder, you prioritize your health while supporting eco-friendly farming practices. Our dedication to sustainable agriculture ensures the preservation of our environment for generations to come.

Make a conscious choice for your well-being with Podere Conti's Organic Olive Leaf Powder. Elevate your health, indulge in the richness of nature, and savor the authentic taste of organic goodness.

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