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Foundational Culinary Elements: Sauces and Broths Essentials

Foundational Culinary Elements: Sauces and Broths Essentials

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Welcome to the course "Fundamental Culinary Basics: Sauces and Essential Broths" at Podere Conti! In just 3 hours, Giulio will guide you through a fundamental culinary journey, exploring the keys to the kitchen, which are sauces and broths. Here's what you'll learn

Exploration of Sauces and Broths
We'll start with a thorough introduction to the world of sauces and broths. You'll explore the basic preparations to create the foundation of your dishes, learning to recognize the importance of each key element.

Broth, Velouté, and Tomato Passata
We'll immerse you in the process of creating a rich and flavorful broth. From classic meat broth to vegetable broth, you'll acquire essential skills to enrich your dishes with deep and enveloping flavors. We'll also explore techniques for creating a creamy velouté and a fresh and aromatically delicious tomato passata.

Meat Ragu
Meat ragu is a timeless classic. Giulio, our expert chef, will guide you through the process of preparing a rich and flavorful ragu that you can use to dress pasta, polenta, and much more.

Brown Stock and Fish Broth
You'll explore the magic of creating a brown stock, a fundamental base for many sauces and dishes. You'll learn to achieve the right intensity of flavor and color, transforming your culinary preparations. We'll then move on to the delightful creation of a fish broth, a light and aromatically rich preparation perfect for enhancing fish and seafood dishes.

We'll conclude the course by exploring how to prepare a smooth and velvety béchamel. You'll learn to create this fundamental sauce that lends itself to a wide variety of preparations.

Hands-On Experience
You'll have the opportunity to immediately put your new skills into practice, actively participating in the preparation of sauces and broths during the course.

Conclusion of the Course
At the end of the course, you'll bid farewell to the Kitchen Brigade, ready to reserve a small surprise for you. We hope that, thanks to this course, you've gained the necessary knowledge to elevate vegetables in your kitchen, making each dish a culinary masterpiece.

Thank you for joining us in this culinary adventure dedicated to "Fundamental Culinary Basics: Sauces and Essential Broths" at Podere Conti! Enjoy!

Class Duration: 3 hours

The minimum age for children participating in the course is 9 years old. Those under 16 must be accompanied by a paying adult. We implement these guidelines for the safety, comfort, and enjoyment of all our guests.

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